Maths Problem of the Week

Each week on this page you will find a maths problem to solve.

Each week pupils of Ysgol Melyd can earn 2 Dojo points for completing the Problem of the Week and giving the answers to Mrs Richards during the week. If the challenge problem is also completed they will receive an additional 2 Dojo points. Certificates for those who correctly solve the problems will be given out in our weekly merit service.

Congratulations – Llongyfarchiadau

Well done to all pupils who completed last week’s problems.

This Week’s Problems

Foundation Phase

Solve the following money problems

1. I have saved £1.20. My friend has saved 60p. How much have we saved altogether?

2. A bus ticket costs 75p and a train ticket costs £1.10. How much more does the train ticket cost?

3. A chocolate bar costs 62p. I pay for it with a £1 coin. How much change do I get? Draw the coins.

4. Ben has £2 to spend. He buys a sweet costing 45p and a toy costing 50p. How much does he have left?

5. Stickers cost 20p each. How many stickers can I buy with a £1 coin?

Key Stage 2

Solve the following money questions

  1. James bought some Lego cards at the shop with a £20 note.  How much change did he get if the cards cost £3.25? 
  2.  Charlie got £2.00 off her grandma.  She went to the shop and bought a 28p mix-up and a 35p bouncy ball.  How much did she have left? 
  3. A bottle of tomato sauce costs 68p.  How much change did Peter get from £5 when he bought 3 bottles for the barbeque? 
  4. Each of  Mrs Jones’ 4 children gets £3.20 a week for their pocket money.  How much does this cost her each week?

  5. It is £45 to watch Manchester United play. How much more does Sam need to buy a ticket if he has saved £26?

Challenge Question

Solve the following money problems

Mr and Mrs Thomas have two children.  Mr Roberts earns £420 per week.  Mrs Roberts works part time and earns £200 per week.  Work out the following, show your working out:

1. How much do Mr and Mrs Roberts earn altogether?

Each week they pay the following bills:
Food – £95
Gas and electricity – £35
Petrol – £15
Bus fares – £30
Clothes – £35
Water – £15
Rent – £95
School meals – £18
TV licence – £3
Car insurance – £15
House insurance – £16

2. How much money do they have left each week?

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How can you solve maths problems?

Remember the 5 steps to solving problems

  1. Read the problem
  2. Identify the important words and numbers
  3. Choose a strategy and calculation
  4. Solve the problem
  5. Check your answer

Could you…

…draw a diagram or a table?

…act it out or use concrete materials?

…guess and check?

…create an organised list?

…look for a pattern?