School Attendance and Illness

It is important that your child attends school on time, every day. Children who are absent will miss important learning time, and any children who arrive late in school disrupt the learning both for themselves and their classmates. At Ysgol Melyd, we continually monitor attendance. Our attendance percentage last year was 94%. We are confident that this year with your support and by working together,  we can achieve our target attendance percentage of 96%. To keep you informed of our progress we will post our current percentage on our home page each week.

 A child is of compulsory school age:

  • At the beginning of the next school term after his/her fifth birthday.

It is the parents/carers legal duty to ensure the regular and punctual attendance of their child at school.

In law, there are some reasons for absences which will be authorised by the school, for example:

  • Religious observance
  • Medical Appointments
  • Genuine Illness

Reasons such as birthdays and shopping will be recorded as unauthorised absences

The school uses a structured attendance procedure and it is important that parents/carers inform the school on the first day of any absences. If we do not hear from you, you will either receive a Call Parents message via text or a telephone call requesting a reason for absence. Absences will be recorded as unauthorised until a reason is given and accepted. If we do not receive a reason, letters will be sent home. These should be returned stating the reason for absence. This will be done on three occasions. If we still fail to receive an acceptable reason for absence it will be recorded as unauthorised.

Unauthorised absences can lead to Fixed Penalty Notices being issued.

Parents/carers must provide school with all updated telephone contact numbers.

Important Information about New Policies regarding attendance is shown in the following links:

Parents Attendance letter

Fixed Penalty Information

Healthcare Information

In line with our Healthcare Policy, we collect information as to any existing medical needs of all our pupils. This information then allows us to develop and write Individual Healthcare plans, if required, to meet individual needs. This helps us to ensure the well-being of pupils. Where possible pupils who require medication should be given this prior to coming to school and when they get home. In instances where doses need to be given during the school day an Administration of Medication form must be completed to request that it be given. this must then be authorised by the Head Teacher or member of staff responsible for medical needs.

  • The Administration of Medical form can be found on pages 22, 23 and 24.

Managing Healthcare Needs Policy

Should your child be kept off school?

Advice as to whether or not an illness or condition requires your child to stay off school can be found in the Guidance on Infection Control in Denbighshire Schools document.

Guidance on Infection Control in Denbighshire Schools – 1

Guidance on Infection Control in Denbighshire Schools – 2

Flu Information

NHS Wales have produced an information booklet about flu, the importance of protecting children from it,  how flu vaccinations are administered and how they can help. This booklet is available on our School Attendance and Illness page. Please take the time to read this important information so that you are fully aware of the signs, symptoms and how to best protect your child/ren.

flu presentation-english

flu presentation-cymraeg

Attendance Monitoring

We continue to monitor attendance on a daily basis, looking at percentages at the end of each half-term/ term. 

We closely monitor pupils whose attendance falls below 90% and those who have poor punctuality and endeavour to support them and their families.

For more information please read our attendance policy. or visit Education at Denbighshire County Council

Thank you for your co-operation.