Assessments and Tests

End of Key Stage Assessments

At the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) children will be teacher assessed in the core areas of Maths, English, Science and Welsh as a second language. Pupils will also be assessed at the end of Foundation Phase (Year 2) in Language, Literacy and Communication, Mathematical Development and Personal and Social Development. Parents will be informed of their child’s results as well as schools of a similar socio-economic profile (Family Schools).

Welsh Government Reading and Numeracy Tests

All children in Years 2 to 6 will sit reading and numeracy tests every May. Results will be communicated to parents in annual reports and parent/teacher consultations. In addition to the WAG tests, the children are periodically assessed to monitor how they are developing against targets which will be set termly.

Online Assessments

Online assessments are set to replace paper for national reading and numeracy tests. Read more about this on Learning Wales.

Sample materials for the Reading, Procedural Maths and Reasoning tests are available on the Learning Wales site.

Sample Maths Materials      Sample Reading Materials

Information on these tests is available for parents/carers on the Welsh Government, Learning Wales Website. To read this document follow this link:

Reading and Numeracy Tests in Wales-Information for parents/carers 2-9